European Nuclear Installation Safety Standards

About us

ENISS is the European Nuclear Installations Safety Standards Initiative.  Established in 2005, it represents nuclear installation licence holders from 16 European countries with nuclear power units, fuel reprocessing plants or large waste storage facilities. ENISS provides the nuclear industry with a platform to exchange information on national and European regulatory activities, to express its views and provide expert input on all aspects related to international safety standards.  ENISS is the common channel through which European nuclear licence holders interact with WENRA (nuclear regulators), the European Institutions and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Although ENISS is hosted by “nucleareurope”, it enjoys full autonomy as regards its strategy, priorities and decisions, which are discussed, reviewed and approved by its own governance bodies.

ENISS covers the following technical scope: nuclear safety and associated regulations during the whole lifecycle of nuclear installations, including radiation protection and security, for long term operation, new build, waste management and decommissioning.

​Ambition, Missions and Strategic Objectives


​ENISS Ambition

Bring together decision makers and specialists from the European license holders of nuclear installations with the Regulators in an effort to establish high level and practicable safety targets and safety rules, and to converge on a set of European Nuclear Installations Safety Standards and their harmonised implementation.


Mission 1 - Develop common views and positions on the evolutions of the nuclear safety standards

  • Address priority safety issues, with regards to regulations and standards, as pro-actively as possible.
  • Encourage stability, practicability and efficiency in the nuclear safety regulations.
  • Publish ENISS common positions (position papers, statements).

Mission 2 - Interact appropriately with the regulators and the key stakeholders to ensure that the licensees’ positions, through ENISS, are effectively given due consideration

The key stakeholders are WENRA, IAEA, the European Commission, ENSREG, NEA and ICRP.

  • Respond to key stakeholders’ consultations on international safety standards, reports, recommendations, directives… – provide comments and express licensees’ views.
  • Increase ENISS recognition and presence in the nuclear safety regulation field, by enhancing its influence through pro-active external communication about ENISS positions and activities.
  • Interact appropriately with industry organisations to support ENISS ambition (EUR, WNA/CORDEL, WANO, ISO, NEI…).
  • Interact appropriately with TSOs on selected subjects.

Mission 3 - Maintain an efficient information exchange platform between ENISS members with respect to nuclear safety matters

  • Improve the readiness to carry out the ENISS activities, and their efficiency.
  • Exchange of information on the interaction of licensees with their national regulators,  with the aim of achieving a harmonised implementation of regulations.
Since its creation, ENISS provided constructive contributions to the texts proposed by WENRA, ENSREG, the EU & the IAEA to strengthen the harmonisation and is recognized as a major stakeholder providing valuable inputs through the expertise of its members. It also made proposals for harmonization, contributing to the stress test specification, and to the debates in the frame of the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF).